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Jane Kennedy   

A lifetime of eclectic experiences and exposure has finally brought Jane Kennedy to the place she feels most at home – documentary filmmaking. Having started out in photography in the 1980’s, she experimented with a variety of creative mediums including audio-visual, video and radio production, film directing, applied arts – specifically ceramic design and graphic design.

In 1998, she moved full time into developing her passion - documentary filmmaking. Working across Africa within both a social awareness context and a corporate environment, she has since filmed and directed numerous pieces. Her 52-minute film “Cinderella of the Cape Flats”, produced in 2004, has been screened at festivals in Africa, Europe, North and South America.

Contact info:

Land line: +27 21 7885667
Mobile: +27 82 4450696

Please click on the links to download and view the clip.

Cinderella of the Caper Flats (A Trailer) 3meg
IsJa! (Extracts) 8.4 meg
Lisa Firer - Dancing in the Light (A Trailer) 5.8meg
Sensual Johannesburg (A Scene) 3.6 meg
Shelly Barry (Broadcast Insert) 15 meg


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